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Myles Stakeholder Collaboration in Tourism Development: The Case of Veerse Meer, The Netherlands Marinka C. Kruger Volume 8, Number 4 Riding the Wave: History, Definitions, and a Proposed Typology of Surf-Riding Tourism Mark B. E., 89, 139Schuster, R., 25Scott, D., 119Ukaga, O., 139Waldo, S., 161Woznicka, I., 101Yuan, M., 133Activity participation, 133Amenity migration, 73Angling, 161Attitudes, 1Bird watching, 25Budget cruises, 11Canada, 101Climate change, 119Code of conduct, 39Comfort, 145Communication, 89Community engagement, 139Company, 161Component factor analysis, 25Constraint, 145Cultural tourism, 89Demographics, 1Dolphins, 175Dominican Republic, 175easy Cruise, 11Economic impact, 63Entrepreneurs, 161Expenditure, 1Experience, 145Experience preference, 133Great Lakes region, 119Lake Ontario, 63Lake Superior, 73Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (LSNMCA), 101Low-cost cruises, 11Low-cost ships, 11Low-cost strategy, 11Management, 39, 161Meaning, 89Minnesota, 139Motivations, 25Negotiation, 145Protected areas, 39Recreation, 73Recreational fishing, 63Regional tourism opportunities, 101Regulations, 39Retirement migration, 73Revealed choice, 133Review, 119Rural tourism, 133Sacred site, 89Scuba diving, 145Sport fishing, 161Supply, 161Survey, 161Sustainable marine mammal tourism, 175Sustainable tourism, 139Tourism, 119, 161Usage patterns, 1Water-based community, 139Whale watchers, 39Whale watching, 39, 175Amelung, B., 111 Austin, T.