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“Hawtho RNe” star Michael Vartan recently became engaged and he has opened up for the first time about how he found his ladylove — in the fruit aisle. “I mean, this could be the mother of your children, or she could just say no and you could go on with your day.” Michael eventually approached Lauren, but didn’t manage to make a suave introduction. “I didn’t really know what to do.” The actor – a former star of ABC’s “Alias” and Drew Barrymore’s leading man in “Never Been Kissed” – managed to get Lauren to accept his e-mail address, but he left the parking lot thinking it was hopeless. But she e-mailed me.” Lauren actually contacted Michael that very afternoon despite his awkward introduction, but it had nothing to do with the actor being a TV and film star. “I’m very lucky,” he said of his girlfriend turning into his fiancee.