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Said false info included Marcia being on the next cover of "The Advocate" and Andrew coming out as gay on DH in some swim team-related storyline. I also recall lots of stories about Mark Foley being a chickenhawk before the page scandal. When someone like an ex-President is about to kick off, there are a lot of people who get notice to be prepared because it involves Secret Service and all the branches of military, other former Presidents, foreign heads of state, etc. From CDAN: [quote] You are either getting this e-mail because I've promised I would tell you this story and haven't yet, you're besties with someone I used to hook up with, or because my need for attention and adulation has reached such an all time high that I decided to pick 15 of you at random to listen to this story (most likely explanation), but all the same, below is the (in)famous but true story of how I met Quentin Tarantino...[quote] fter a lengthy film discussion, Quentin suggests we head to bed, which is the point where I really start panicking. Boys, those junior high pamphlets are lying when they say that all shapes and sizes are normal.